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Myth Buster

PFI explores and busts common myths about pets and pet food. New myth buster articles are published semi-annually in PFI's official publication, PFI Monitor.

Cooking up trouble

One myth about pets that has emerged in re­cent years is that homemade food is superior to commercial products. Numerous recipes can be found on the Internet for homemade pet food, and several books have been pub­lished touting the benefits of their recipes for dog and cat diets. The reality is that the actual benefits of such concoctions do not measure up to the rhetoric. Read more

The allergy myth

Not every cat or dog experiences allergies, just as with people. Yet a search on the internet about pets and allergies will return a slew of records. By visiting these sites, one might get the inaccurate impression that allergies are rampant and that diet is the primary cause. The reality is far different.

Find out how many cats and dogs actually experience allergies and learn about the common causes.

Myths about illness in pets

When a person gets sick, they ask themselves questions like:
Did I get too close to Johnnie when he had the sniffles?
Was it from all the time I spent on a plane during my business trip?
Did I catch it from that person who was sneezing on the subway?
When a pet gets sick, all too often these days the statement that first gets blurted is, "It must have been the food!”

As with people, there are many different potential causes of illness in pets. Sometimes a single symptom or physical reaction can be a sign of several possible health issues. Likewise, a single health issue can manifest in different ways. Learn about common signs of potential illness in pets along with possible causes.

More myths

There are other myths that swirl about the Internet and media about pet food. Read about the myths we've busted on our More Myths page.

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