It is important to choose your cat or dog carefully. Pets are available through breeding kennels; pet shops; from neighbors whose pets had litters; and from organizations, such as local humane societies and animal shelters.

Mixed breed animals usually come from a neighbor or a local animal shelter or humane society. These local organizations may also offer spaying, neutering and vaccination services, and advice on the proper care for the pet after adoption. Local shelters and humane societies also often require assurances of spaying or neutering and proper vaccinations.

Although we have less assurance of what a mixed breed puppy or kitten will look like when full grown, seeing its mother or father give you some clues. A puppy’s basic attitude toward litter-mates or in a kennel – quiet or assertive – can also give you some idea of a potential pet’s personality.[1]

Purebred animals usually are purchased from kennels or pet shops. The best way to select the proper kennel or pet shop is to visit several breeders which have been recommended to you, noting the cleanliness of the operation and how the animals are handled by employees. One advantage of selecting a purebred cat or dog is that the purchaser can be fairly certain of what the pet will look like when it is grown. First-time owners should probably choose a more tranquil breed; pet owners with more time or experience can choose a pet with stronger temperament, which may also require more training.[2]

With any pet, however, the best relationship will come through responsible care, training, and attention given to the animal.