What’s in a Label? Understanding the Guaranteed Analysis

Have you ever wondered how you should consider the Guaranteed Analysis on a bag of pet food while deciding what to buy for your dog or cat? Learn more about the Guaranteed Analysis on our new page and consider some of the following information when selecting pet food:

  • Pet food makers must list a Guaranteed Analysis for four nutrients on each product: protein, fat, fiber and moisture.
  • You may see more than these four nutrients listed on a bag or can of food. If a product label makes a claim that mentions a specific additional nutrient, such as containing calcium for strong teeth and bones, then that nutrient must also be included in the Guaranteed Analysis. A pet food maker may also voluntarily list additional nutrients at their own discretion.
  • The Guaranteed Analysis will include the term “crude” when listing protein, fat and fiber. This does not refer to the quality of the nutrient, but instead indicates the method used to determine the nutrient content of your pet’s food.
  • If you are comparing the Guaranteed Analysis of a wet versus a dry pet food, it may be not an apples to apples comparison. Visit our full page to learn the difference between the two types of pet food, and how to read both labels on a dry weight basis.

The Guaranteed Analysis is an important part of the pet food label and can help you provide your pet the nutrition he or she needs to thrive.

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