PFI Comments on Copper Claims

The Pet Food Institute agrees with the decision of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Pet Food Committee to not establish controlled copper claim language for retail dog foods at the current time. Any decisions regarding product claims and established limits for trace nutrients must be science-based. Currently, there is insufficient research to establish such a limit for copper. Leading consumers to believe that low levels of copper are beneficial for all dogs could result in dietary deficiencies, which could lead to a range of health complications such as skeletal and muscular issues, skin and coat problems, reduced growth rate, and anemia. Pet food makers develop product formulas based on well-understood scientific data and are committed to providing safe, quality nutrition to pets. If you want to know the copper levels in your favorite pet food, we encourage you to contact your food’s manufacturer. If you are concerned your dog could have copper storage disease, contact your veterinarian, who can diagnose, treat, and recommend an appropriate diet.

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