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How Do the Nutrients in Dog Food Support Your Pet’s Health?

If you’re wondering exactly how each of the more than 40 nutrients required for your dog plays a role in his or her health, we’ve created a new interactive infographic series to make finding out simple. The Pet Food Institute (PFI) recently launched “Nutrition from Nose to Tail,” a collection of user-friendly interactive infographics that […]

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The A to Z of Pet Food: Brewers Dried Yeast

Join the Pet Food Institute (PFI) as we continue our look at pet food, from A to Z. Click here to re-visit our earlier post on Vitamin A. Many pet food shoppers will look to the label when deciding which food to buy for their dog or cat. You may be surprised to find “Brewers […]

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How Is Pet Food Made? Follow the Journey from Nutrients to Bowl

As the President and CEO of the Pet Food Institute, I have an opportunity to speak with people from around the country about pet food safety, nutrition and ingredients. Two of the most common questions I’m asked are, “What’s the best dog food?” and “How is pet food made?” We developed a new white board […]

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