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Hobbes’ Cross-Country RV Adventure: Tales from a French Bulldog’s All-American Road Trip

Meet Hobbes, a French Bulldog with Midwestern roots, who spent his formative years growing up in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C. In April 2019, Hobbes hit the open road with his human, Sarah, for a multi-month adventure, where they’ll explore the U.S. by RV before eventually settling down in Northern California.

All summer, the Pet Food Institute will be checking in with Hobbes and his owners to see where they are, what they’re seeing and doing and what tips they have for taking a pet along on an extended road trip. We’ll be sharing dispatches here, and you can also follow along with their adventures on Wandering Road Blog and on Instagram.

May 1, 2019: Utah

Hobbes has always loved a good road trip, so he has truly embraced his new nomadic lifestyle. There are so many new human friends to meet on the road! As he has gotten older, Hobbes has learned to prefer the company of people to dogs. He also loves how dog-friendly the campgrounds are!

The biggest adjustment has probably been that Hobbes no longer has his “alone time” during the day, so he’s had to get into a new routine to squeeze in his beauty sleep. He’d probably sleep 12 hours a day, if possible! On travel days, he usually sleeps in the backseat of the car, which is currently the “chaser vehicle” behind the RV. When he travels in the RV, he sleeps in his travel crate.

When he is home alone for more than a few minutes, Hobbes stays in his “den,” a pop-up portable crate that he honestly enjoys. French Bulldogs are more prone to back injuries (although Hobbes doesn’t seem to know or care about the risks, go figure), so we are careful to limit his jumping when we’re not around.

Hobbes enjoys dry kibble, and he’s never turned down a classic baked dog biscuit. His dog food is stored in an airtight plastic container, which helps protect against insects possibly getting in. With being exposed to much more nature than he was in Washington, DC, we are also making sure to keep Hobbes up-to-date on his flea and tick and heartworm medications.

The month of April was a whirlwind through the south and southwest. During his visit to the adorable small town of Panguitch, Utah, a kind barista made him a special dog-friendly beverage. Those are only for special occasions, though!

We are currently in California to focus on work projects, but Hobbes will be back in the RV soon to explore more of the west, most likely Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. The route is still in the works!

Until next time!