What Membership in PFI Means: Our Pet Food Principles

When pet lovers are misled or scared needlessly about the pet food choices they make for their dogs and cats, we speak up. The pet food and treat maker members of the Pet Food Institute (PFI) make a commitment to product safety and nutrition and to support consumer choice.

It is our mission to promote long and healthy lives for dogs and cats. In this regard, PFI operates under four principles, each of which is a priority for us. No one principle is more important than the others.

1: Advocate for legislation, regulations and technologies that support the domestic manufacture and global distribution of safe, quality pet food and that provide for consumer choice.

We work to make sure safety rules are clear and that pet food safety measures are in place industrywide. In this regard, this summer PFI co-hosted and helped teach a Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance training course for PFI members and other animal food manufacturers to enable pet food, treat and feed manufacturers to place FSMA-compliant instructors in their facilities. We also disseminated an open letter to all U.S. pet food and treat makers – both large and small, members and non-members of PFI – urging them to understand their obligations under FSMA. PFI members are investing in safety for all pet food makers.

PFI members are also working with regulators and consumer groups to develop better pet food and treat labels. The current labeling requirements were established by law a long time ago and we all agree that the way label information is provided is outdated and not consumer-friendly.

2: Promote pet food safety innovation in manufacturing and handling practices.

PFI members come together each year to share information on new scientific data, technical advances and safety practices. This spirit of collaboration is testament to how seriously our members take their responsibility to provide dogs and cats with the safest food possible and their commitment to continuous food safety improvements. PFI also supports independent research to advance food safety science.

3: Deliver information about issues impacting pet food makers, their suppliers and distributors, pet owners and other relevant stakeholders.

When we relaunched our website earlier this year, we were driven by the value of transparency. Our webpages offer straightforward information about pet food and treat safety, nutrition and ingredients. We’re adding more and more information every day to provide you with the facts so that pet lovers can make informed decisions about what they choose to feed their dogs and cats.

4: Communicate the benefits of pet ownership to the general public at large.

We are pet lovers, too, and value the enrichment that pets bring to our lives. It is our privilege to share information about the human-animal bond with you.

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