Care & Feeding

One Dog’s Weight Loss Story

Have you read the recent story about Fat Vincent, the seven-year-old dachshund on a rigorous weight loss plan? Vincent’s story is inspiring, but his challenge is not unique. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention[1], approximately 58 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs were overweight or obese in 2015. An overweight or obese pet can suffer from serious health problems, such as osteoarthritis, Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure[2], and your pet can even face a shortened life span.

Some ways to help manage your dog or cat’s weight include:

  • Regular visits to the veterinarian, who can help identify if your pet is overweight;
  • Exercise and play time;
  • Responsible feeding and treating.

For more information about how to help keep your pet’s weight healthy, visit our page on Care and Feeding. In the meantime, let’s all cheer on Vincent during his inspiring weight loss journey!