We are the voice of U.S. pet food makers. Join us as we go beyond the headline and explore the whole bowl.

A to Z of Pet Food: Growth

Join the Pet Food Institute (PFI) as we continue our look at pet food, from A to Z. Click here to re-visit our previous post on fats. A new puppy or kitten can make an exciting addition to the family. It’s important for households to be prepared for the needs of a growing pet, however, […]

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Dental Care For Pets

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, a perfect time to “brush up” on the importance of your dog or cat’s dental health. As pet lovers, we can all take steps to better recognize the causes and signs of dental problems and learn how to help prevent them. Dental health is an important part of […]

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Avoid Table Scraps This Holiday Season

We want everyone to be part of the holiday celebrations, even our pets. However, while it may be tempting to slip your pet a treat from the dinner table, many of the foods we eat may be harmful to pets. Below is some information on how to keep your pet healthy during the holidays, while […]

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