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Steps to Help Keep Dogs and Cats Safe in Winter Weather

Whether during the warm summer months or cold winter nights, pet lovers can follow basic guidelines and look out for certain issues during extreme weather conditions to keep their pets safe. As winter weather continues for much of the country, our pets require special care and consideration to help ensure their wellbeing when outside.  General Guidelines  A pet’s breed and […]

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Keep Pets Safe and Healthy During the Holidays

For many families during the holiday season, dogs and cats are part of the festivities and may even receive a present. A pet’s health and safety are still important to consider while planning for holidays. The Pet Food Institute (PFI), which provides information about pet food safety, nutrition and health to pet lovers year-round, here […]

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Cats vs. Dogs: 5 Differences in Nutritional Needs

The physical and behavioral differences between cats and dogs are obvious. But, have you ever stopped to consider the internal metabolic differences between cats and dogs and how they impact your pet’s diet? PFI discusses why a cat’s nutritional needs are different from a dog’s, and what this means for the animal’s well-being. Cats Are […]

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