We are the voice of U.S. pet food makers. Join us as we go beyond the headline and explore the whole bowl.

Pet Food Sustainability: Protect, Reduce & Invest

Updated April 19, 2017 To celebrate Earth Day, The Pet Food Institute is sharing this past article again to offer insight into how pet food and treat makers are using sustainable production practices designed to protect the environment, while providing pets with safe, healthy food. U.S. pet food makers are playing a critical role in […]

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FSMA – Where Are We Now?

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the single most sweeping change to U.S. food safety laws, offers a new regulatory approach to food safety – including pet food. Instead of a regulatory focus that is primarily reactive (for example: product recalls), the goal of FSMA is to establish a preventive approach to food safety that […]

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Misconceptions About Pet Food Ingredients

Pet health and nutrition are important topics for pet lovers, and were discussed today on The Dr. Oz Show. A lot of information was shared, including some misconceptions around carbohydrates and flavorings. As the voice of U.S. pet food makers, PFI is here to provide accurate information to help consumers when choosing food for their […]

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