Pet Food Matters


Commitment to Safety

Safety is our number one priority. Pet food makers work with government regulators and ingredient suppliers to help ensure safe food for your pet.

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Complete nutrition starts with carefully crafted recipes developed by experts in companion animal nutrition, veterinarians and food scientists.

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Every ingredient serves a function and helps to meet your pet’s nutritional needs. Pet food makers work to ensure a variety of choices and options that support a long and healthy life.


Frequently Asked Questions

PFI explores and busts common myths about pets and pet food.

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A Pet's Life

Responsible pet care goes beyond what’s in the bowl. Pet lovers can take more steps to help their dog or cat enjoy a long and healthy life.


About PFI

Meet the Pet Food Institute and our members. Explore the pet food community. Discover the resources available to pet lovers.

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PFI Advocacy


PFI joins the conversation on U.S. pet food. Learn about our activities and outreach, read our stories and commentary, and discover PFI’s insight on the critical issues.

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Regulatory & Legislative Affairs

Pet owners should take heart that cat and dog food is the most highly regulated food product, with the possible exception of baby food.

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Global Network

Since 1993 PFI has sponsored export promotion activities by participating in USDA's Market Access Program.

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