Pet Food and Treat Safety at Home

PFI members take many steps to support making products that are safe for both pets and the family members who handle pet food. When preparing pet food and treats at home, pet lovers can continue the culture of safety by following standard kitchen hygiene practices in pet food handling and storage to help keep all members of the household safe. Some steps include:

  • As with making any meal in the kitchen, clean counter surfaces after preparing a bowl of food.
  • Wash your hands after handling food, treats and toys.
  • Keep food bowls dry and clean and provide fresh water daily.

Where and how pet food is stored can make a big difference in keeping food safe. Here are some tips for proper pet food handling and storage:

  • Check the package: Examine packaging before purchasing to ensure it is clean and hasn’t been damaged with a rip or hole.
  • Store securely: Remember, pet food is food. It should be stored in ways that are similar to how human food is stored. Store unopened wet and dry pet food in a cool, dry location. It is not recommended to leave the bag on the floor in the garage or outside.
  • Clean containers: Wash and dry the storage container between each bag of food and check for damage and insect activity.
  • Keep it fresh: When possible, store dry food in the original bag and within a plastic or metal bin with lid. Wet or fresh food can be covered and stored in the refrigerator according to label guidelines. If you have questions about a specific product, please make sure to contact the manufacturer.