This Market Tracker provides users with relevant information about most of the countries that the Pet Food Institute is active in with the Market Access Program (MAP) that is funded by the USDA. It provides country specific information for assessing, comparing, and prioritizing international opportunities across important sectors and sub-sectors, including (but not limited to):

  1. Distilling large amounts of data and insights into actionable intelligence.
  2. Sharing compelling overviews, trends, forecasts, and market drivers.
    Offering dashboards and key data and insights to quickly distill market opportunities.
  3. Highlighting sales by key sectors, growth/growth rates/forecasts, and monitors speed of transition to- or away from sectors and sub-sectors.
    Supports strategic planning, consensus building, market, and trade development.
  4. Helps to identify, understand, prioritize, and capture global business opportunities more effectively.

This is a well-rounded solution that consolidates key data, insights, and analysis from Passport (Euromonitor’s in-house database) alongside of official trade data to deliver a concise review of markets, key products sectors/sub-sectors, and help to deliver a better understanding of market strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Disclaimer: PFI does not endorse any of the products, applications or organizations that are quoted or referenced in the market tracker.