U.S. pet food makers feed more than 180 million dogs and cats in U.S. households, but their commitment to animal nutrition extends far beyond domestic borders. U.S. dog and cat food exports exceeded $2 billion in 2021, with products shipped to more than 90 countries. Significant growth opportunities exist in countries and regions around the world as pet owners look to provide commercially-prepared food for their pets. PFI supports and engages with U.S. and foreign governments to secure, maintain and expand access to key markets around the world through the development and enforcement of science-based policies and regulations that facilitate the export of U.S. dog and cat food.

PFI and its members also recognize that trade is a two-way endeavor and support policies that facilitate access to essential ingredients and equipment that benefit all of American food and agriculture.


The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which entered into force in 2020 as the successor to the North American Free Trade Agreement, is crucial to the success of U.S. food and agriculture, including pet food makers. Canada and Mexico represent the first and third largest export markets for pet food, and are invaluable to U.S. pet food makers and critical to future success. Markets and supply chains between these three countries are closely integrated, thanks to this productive and symbiotic trade relationship that facilitated more than $1 billion in total trade in pet food between the United States and Canada in 2020. In addition, exports to Mexico surpassed $100 million in 2020.

USMCA gives U.S. pet food makers the confidence to strengthen ties with their Canadian and Mexican partners, ensuring opportunities for growth in the years to come.

China Phase One Trade Agreement

After almost two decades of limited Chinese pet food market access, U.S. pet food makers now have increased opportunity to participate in this dynamic and growing market. The 2020 China Phase One Agreement (POA) paved the way for America’s pet food makers to offer safe, nutritionally balanced U.S. pet food to Chinese pet owners. The POA, which took effect in the second half of 2020, is leading to increased exports that PFI expects to continue. PFI and its members appreciate this opportunity to serve the needs of Chinese pet owners.

Supporting Pet Food Exports Around the World

PFI recognizes both the opportunities and the demand that exist around the world for U.S. pet food products and will continue work to ensure pet owners around the world have access to American dog and cat food.