Pet Loss Prevention Starts with You

Your dog or cat is part of the family, but may still have the urge to escape from the house or yard or to slip off its leash during a walk. This July, during National Pet Loss Prevention Month, remember that responsible pet care means taking preventive steps to help reduce those odds. Some tips and questions to consider include:

  • Check your backyard: Have you taken a close look at your fence to ensure its sturdiness? Are there any loose boards that should be fixed? Are you sure your dog can’t jump over the fence?
  • Inspect the collar and leash: Is the fabric worn or torn at all? What happens when your pet tugs on the leash?
  • Maintain a safe space: Does your pet get nervous during thunderstorms or fireworks? Many pets enjoy having a quiet space, such as a crate, where they can better relax. Just make sure it’s not near the front door!
  • Keep an eye on the door: Where is your pet when you open the front door to leave for the day? Could your cat easily dart out?

In case your pet does escape and is picked up by a shelter, a microchip is an easy way for shelter staff or a veterinarian to identify the animal’s family and address. Your pet’s regular veterinarian can provide more information and implant the microchip. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommends that all pets be microchipped, including indoor cats. Click here to read some helpful Q&As on pet microchipping.

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