Simple Steps to Help Prevent Pet Obesity

Simple Steps to Help Prevent Pet Obesity

It is estimated that approximately 20% of U.S. dogs and 28% of U.S. cats are obese. Obesity can lead to many health concerns, ranging from joint damage to increased difficulty breathing and tolerating heat, to an increased risk for cancer and a shortened life expectancy. While October may be Pet Obesity Awareness Month, PFI encourages pet lovers to check their dog or cat’s body condition score and current feeding and treating routine throughout the entire year. Some resources that pet lovers can use year-round include:

  • Our infographic showing some of the simple steps that people can take to help keep their pet at a healthy weight.
  • An animation that highlights simple feeding and treating tips pet owners can follow as they work to keep their pet’s weight in check.
  • Images to help pet owners determine if their dog or cat may be overweight and assess what a healthy weight looks like.

Your veterinarian will also be able to help confirm that your pet is at a healthy weight during regular check-up appointments. With consistent care, exercise and responsible feeding, pet lovers can help protect their four-legged friend throughout the year.

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