PFI Statement on Pet Food Label Modernization

“PFI is pleased that the proposed changes to modernize pet food labels were approved for publication by The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) today. PFI members have worked with AAFCO over the past eight years to develop the model regulations for Pet Food Label Modernization. These changes to the pet food label, especially the inclusion of a Pet Nutrition Facts Box, will more closely align pet food products with the look of human food labels to increase consumer understanding and allow pet owners to make better informed decisions about the food they feed their four-legged family members. We look forward to working with AAFCO and state departments of agriculture to implement these changes, educate pet owners, and encourage all states to adopt the language so industry can have uniformity with this major change in pet food regulations. Pet food makers are committed to providing pet owners with the best science-based nutrition for their pets.”

Dana Brooks, president & CEO of PFI 

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