PFI Statement on EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard Proposal


“PFI’s members understand and agree with the importance of growing the use of renewable energy to keep fuel prices low for Americans and protect the world’s natural resources. However, we feel it is important to pause further increases in biodiesel blending quotas until it is demonstrated that the production of necessary feedstocks can catch up to demand, allowing for fuel and food producers to avoid competing for edible oils. Such competition will further exacerbate supply issues and increase prices of this commodity. According to some economists, to meet renewable diesel demand, an additional 55 to 60 million acres of soybeans would need to be planted, and this is land that the U.S. doesn’t have. This lack of supply of edible oils will affect multiple consumer goods including salad dressings, baked goods, and pet food. We urge the EPA to consider the warnings of forecasters regarding inadequate supply of feedstocks and to increase renewable fuel production only at a pace that recognizes these supply issues so as not to inflict unintended consequences on the food supply industry and Americas.” 

Dana Brooks, president & CEO of PFI

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