What’s in a Pet Food Label? Pet Food Institute Helps Break Down the Details

New animated video walks pet lovers through the pet food label

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 25, 2020) – The Pet Food Institute (PFI), the national trade association representing U.S. dog and cat food makers, recently launched a new digital tool for pet lovers. The animated video and web content, titled “What’s in a Pet Food Label,” walks pet lovers through the information listed on a pet food label and what it means for pet nutrition.

“PFI is committed to long and healthy lives for pets and sharing resources about pet food nutrition,” said Dana Brooks, president and CEO of PFI. “Pet lovers want to know they are making the right choice when selecting food for their dog or cat, and with this video, they have the facts ready at their fingertips.”

The video follows a bag of pet food, zooming in from one part of the label to another, while explaining key components such as the nutritional adequacy statement, Guaranteed Analysis and the ingredient list. After viewing the video, pet lovers will have a better understanding of the information included on their dog or cat’s food package and know how the food supports their pet’s well-being.

In addition to the animated video, PFI also launched additional web content explaining each component of the label and how this relates to the regulation of pet food. State regulatory officials, often at a state department of agriculture, will examine a pet food label to ensure safety and proper labeling before that product is registered for sale in a state. This resource joins a library of content on explaining the importance of pet nutrition and the regulatory process.

To learn more about the details in a pet food label and what this means for pet nutrition, visit

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