PFI and our members are committed to helping dogs and cats live long and healthy lives. As pet lovers ourselves, we take that privilege and responsibility very seriously.

This Code of Practice outlines expectations for PFI producer members as a condition of membership and affirms our shared commitment to integrity in our business and in the production of safe pet food and treats that pet owners can trust for their cats and dogs.

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#1 Regulatory Compliance

Pet food products are highly regulated at the federal and state levels. We are committed to complying with all federal and state laws, regulations and policies that support the production of safe pet food and treats. Our members regularly engage with federal and state regulatory authorities in support of sound, science-based policies that assure stringent standards and practices are established, and that robust compliance policies are maintained in our operations.

#2 Product Safety and Manufacturing

Pet food and treat safety is our obligation to your pets and ours. PFI members make 98 percent of all dog and cat food and treats produced in the United States. With this vast reach comes an equally great responsibility to do so with safety top of mind. From start to finish, we continually work to ensure the safety of every product so pet lovers can feed and treat their pets with confidence. Specifically, we will:

  • Have in place practices designed to ensure the ingredients we use to make your pet’s food are safe.
  • Work with and routinely audit trusted suppliers to ensure ingredient consistency and quality.
  • Rely on comprehensive food safety programs, ingredient traceability, preventive controls, and good manufacturing practices that meet or exceed federal and state pet food regulations and policies.
  • Provide a safe workplace, including regular reviews of our manufacturing protocols to ensure our employees have the skills and resources necessary to produce safe pet food products.
  • Respect human rights and adhere to applicable labor laws. We condemn forced labor and hold our suppliers accountable in this regard.

#3 Nutritional Excellence

Nutrition plays a critical role in supporting the health of dogs and cats. We support research to advance our knowledge and understanding of nutritional science to provide for the dietary needs of pets.

#4 Community Involvement

We play an active role in making the communities where we do business better for pets, our workforce and our neighbors. From economic impact and jobs to volunteering and donations, we are committed to being engaged participants in the community.

#5 Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement and being active learners in each of these areas, as we advance our mission of promoting long and healthy lives for dogs and cats. As such, the standards contained in this Code of Practice will be reviewed regularly and updated as needed.