Pet Food and Treat Safety Continues at Home

When handling pet food and treats at home, pet lovers can follow sound sanitary practices to help keep all members of the household safe. Some steps include:

  • Avoiding cross contamination between pet food and human food, and cleaning kitchen surfaces after preparing a bowl of food.
  • Washing your hands after handling food, treats and toys.
  • Keeping food bowls dry and clean, and providing fresh water daily.
  • To avoid spoilage or infestation, it is important to securely store pet food and treats. Kibble and dry treats should be properly sealed and stored in a cool, dry place. Canned pet food, and any other similar “wet” products, should be sealed and stored in the refrigerator after opening, if the entire container is not served to the pet at one time.

Pet food manufacturers provide feeding directions on their labels. Pet lovers can read these suggested feeding directions for guidelines. View PFI’s new infographic to read more about ways to avoid the potential for unwanted pests in your pet’s food.