PFI Member Committees

Government Relations: The overarching committee for all PFI government affairs matters. The PFI government relations staff sets the direction for the GRC meetings, provides oversight and assistance to the committee, and develops final PFI recommendations and positions on government affairs to be presented to the Board of Directors.

Public Relations: The overarching committee for all communications topics. The PRC guides the development of association communications strategies, including coordinating with and providing counsel for the Government Relations Committee and Regulatory Affairs Committee.

Regulatory Affairs: The Regulatory Affairs Committee (RAC) is the overarching committee for all Pet Food Institute (PFI) regulatory issues. It is the communication vector from the Board to PFI members and vice versa on such issues. The RAC sets direction and provides oversight and assistance to subcommittees and develops final PFI recommendations and positions on regulatory matters.

AAFCO Subcommittee: Provides the opportunity for PFI members to participate in all AAFCO activities as representatives of our industry. Monitor, participate in, and report to PFI members on those activities. Coordinate PFI advisors to AAFCO Committees. Provides a forum during RAC meetings or AAFCO conference calls for industry discussion of AAFCO activities.   

Ingredients Subcommittee: Proactively drive initiatives with AAFCO and FDA CVM for more consumer transparent, pet food specific ingredient definitions, consumer friendly ingredient statements, and streamlined ingredient approval processes.

International Trade Subcommittee: Gathers information on pertinent trade/market access issues and uses it to develop PFI positions geared towards establishing and increasing foreign market access for U.S. pet food products.

Nutrition Subcommittee: Proactively identifies and shares nutrition-related issues that could impact pet food makers and determines appropriate actions with key stakeholders (e.g., pet owners, government, non-government bodies, etc.).

Product Safety Subcommittee: Fosters continuous improvements in areas of food safety within the pet food industry, serves as a resource to agencies in the areas of food safety, food safety research and technology/innovation, shares industry best practices in areas of food safety among PFI members, looks for ways to improve the safe manufacture of pet foods for all manufacturers and across the supply chain.

Associate Advisory Council: This council is the communication vector from the PFI Associates to PFI committees and vice versa on key PFI initiatives and issues. The AAC provides a forum for associate members to provide input to PFI positions and be updated on PFI activities.