June 2016

Adopting a Cat: A Little Research Goes a Long Way

Whether acquired through a breeder, pet store or local animal shelter, cats can be a great addition to households and loving new family members—but it’s important to do some research and find the best pet for your lifestyle.

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Pets and Food Allergy: What to Know

A new Mythbuster on the Pet Food Institute (PFI) website offers key facts on food allergy among dogs and cats. Click here for the full story. For example, did you know that: There is a distinct difference between food allergy and hypersensitivity (which causes an immunological response, such as your cat constantly itching or scratching […]

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June is National Pet Preparedness Month: Is Your Pet Included in Your Emergency Plan?

Does your family have a plan of action in case of an emergency, such as a house fire or flood evacuation? Have you thought about what to do to help the four-legged members of your household?

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