We are the voice of U.S. pet food makers. Join us as we go beyond the headline and explore the whole bowl.

4 Common Questions About Pet Food

Pet lovers face many options when selecting food for their dog or cat, with different types of food and ingredients available. As the voice of U.S. pet food makers, the Pet Food Institute (PFI) receives a variety of questions about the array of pet food choices. Our members, who make the vast majority of pet […]

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A to Z of Pet Food: Kitten Nutrition

Join the Pet Food Institute (PFI) as we continue our look at pet food, from A to Z. Click here to revisit our previous post on joint health. Bringing home a new kitten to the household can be a rewarding experience for families, especially as the benefits of pet ownership are well-documented and can positively impact […]

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A to Z of Pet Food: Ingredients

How can pet lovers be confident an ingredient used in cat or dog food is safe? Today, the Pet Food Institute (PFI) will focus on ingredient safety as we continue our series about pet food from A to Z. Last time, we walked through how to read a pet food label. How Ingredients are Approved […]

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