PFI Commends ITC on Tin Mill Steel Tariff Decision

“The Pet Food Institute was thrilled to learn the unanimous decision made today by the International Trade Commission (ITC) to not impose tariffs on imported tin mill steel. The decision is a victory for consumers and the pet food industry.

The ITC’s 0-4 unanimous vote against the tariffs in conjunction with the Department of Commerce’s final duty determination in January protects 40,000 manufacturing jobs in the United States and consumers from paying up to 30 percent price increases on canned goods due to the tariffs.

This decision demonstrates the complete lack of merit of the claims of the petitioner, Cleveland-Cliffs, and means there will be no duties on tin mill steel products imported from Canada, China, Germany, and Korea. The fact is that Cleveland-Cliffs cannot meet the demand of American manufacturers and imposing these tariffs would be harmful economically for U.S. manufacturers, workers, and consumers.”

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