Pet Food Supply Chain Disruptions

As with other sectors, U.S. pet food makers are experiencing recent supply chain disruptions while working to produce complete and balanced nutrition for America’s dog and cats. Multiple factors can impact the manufacturing, distribution and immediate retail availability of pet food, and the Pet Food Institute (PFI) is actively working to lessen the impacts on the production and availability of preferred products.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the production of human food was widely disrupted, which also impacted the availability and costs of certain plant- and animal-based ingredients used in pet food. Pet food makers are still experiencing those impacts to this day. The ingredient marketplace is further impacted by the increased and unfair competition for oils and fats caused by federal and state mandates and incentives promoting renewable fuel production. These ingredients are critical for pet food recipes and used in the production of renewable diesel. PFI and its members support efforts to fight climate change, but current policies create a government-driven market advantage to the energy sector and a disadvantage to companies purchasing ingredients for pet food.

U.S. pet food makers are also experiencing unprecedented transportation and infrastructure challenges. Bottlenecks at key U.S. ports continue to threaten their ability to serve export markets and source key ingredients. Companies are also experiencing delays in offloading product from ships. Transportation challenges continue domestically, with trucking shortages that make it difficult for companies to secure vehicles, drivers and even pallets.

PFI is actively communicating with the federal government about these disruptions and advocating for solutions to address and improve the U.S. supply chain. In the meantime, be assured that America’s pet food makers are working to safely produce complete and balanced nutrition for dogs and cats. We encourage shoppers to only purchase the amount of food they would regularly need and recommend contacting the individual company for assistance regarding a specific pet food product.

Dana Brooks, President and CEO

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